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Small Munsterlanders: According to Nicky who owns Small Munsterlanders, "There are only 14 in the UK as yet - but I suspect they will expand here! The fourteen currently over here are our two 10 month old youngsters, their 10 siblings, and their Mum and Dad.

This is them at 4-5 months...

.. much more grown up at 9 months........

They are an old German breed of HPR - used a lot for falconry - which is what we have got them for - but they still spend a lot of time sleeping (looks like time for a bigger basket!)

They have amazing temperaments, and are welcoming and friendly to everyone they meet........... people, other dogs, falcons. On the downside, they are strictly hunting dogs, and can be very strong willed and  extremely manipulative if they think they can get away with it!"

... any enquiries about the breed - have a look at"there are some cracking pictures of Mum with all 12 pups!" Regards, Nicky