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Hunting Dogs

There are over 50 breeds of dogs that can be classified as hunting dogs, and others that come under the gun dog categories.

Essentially Hunting dogs are dogs that are used whilst hunting, although it is important to understand that they are rarely attacking. Whether it is a pack of dogs chasing a fox, or a golden retriever collecting its masters bird, Hunting dogs are here to stay.

Hunting Dog Characteristics

Hunting dogs have some distinct characteristics that make them excellent choices for hunting. Hunting dogs have a keen sense of smell and excellent eyesight, they must be intelligent and alert as well as fast and light of foot.

Hunting dogs have been used since the 13th century although their role in recent times has changed from a working dog to a pet, or companion dog.

Hunting Dogs in the UK

This is not to say that there arenít thousand of working Hunting dogs out their, mostly in the United Kingdom and continental Europe. Common Hunting dog breeds include Spaniels, Labradors and Retrievers as well as many other popular, and historic, dogs.

Hunting dogs have to be trained from birth, and are often bred especially with pre selected parents and puppies can be sold for very high prices.

Hunting Dogs as Pets

Hunting dogs make excellent pets and guard dogs, as well as having excellent temperaments, not overly vicious, but not too docile either. Their training often stops them biting both people and other dogs in fights, and they are naturally wary of strangers.

Hunting dogs are prone to Dysplasia and Arthritis in their old age, many attribute this to their busy lives and energetic past times. If you intend to keep a Hunting dog as a pet its important to regularly exercise them, a minimum of once a day, and they will not do well if they are cooped up in a small house or apartment all day.

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