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The Truth About Pit Bulls:

The real truth about the Pit Bull is that he is a family guardian and protector. He is a very intelligent and obedient family pet. He is  adorable with a sweet nature and is really even-tempered. He has been known to be a help mate to handicapped individuals, and a best friend to small children.

The pit bull needs the correct type of breeder to be in charge and the best owner to bring out his loving nature. The pit bull needs very little grooming and they rarely suffer from disease. Training is important for this strong minded dog. He needs socializing with humans being in charge and obedience training to keep him from trying to be in charge in your household (which is part of his nature).

With good direction, he can be very obedient and charming. Firm guidance is the best way to train a pit bull. You do not want the  relationship to be of master and slave. He will become a worthy family member with the proper training and love.

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