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Dog Grooming: The Perfect Present

Author: Chris Chamberlin

Are you stuck for ideas on what to buy this Christmas for your favorite four-legged friend? Or perhaps one for his groomer? Do them and yourself a favor and think Grooming. The cost of keeping your dog's coat in healthy and glowing condition all year round could be cut by your purchase of a special gift this season.

For the pampered pooch that is professionally groomed, a small thank you to his groomer is not only much appreciated, but also a good way to ensure extra effort serving you year round. What better time to give your groomer a gift certificate, a nice box of chocolates, a fine wine, or heck an extra tip in card.

For the home groomer,

a quick scan of his supplies could be just the hint you need. A good clipper, like Oster A-5 or Sunbeam Pro Animal Clippers, is always handy. Good scissors (ones more than $40.00) will ensure perfect precision cuts. A steel comb and brush set would make the everyday chores much smoother.

If Fido mats up easily consider helping out by purchasing a mat splitter, which will save you money at the groomers too, since no mats means less cost. Give them a break from the routine and give a gift certificate for a professional grooming.

For your special companion dog--

consider his needs. Is he kept in a short coat? Perhaps a sweater coat or raincoat for the discriminating canine is in order. Do his teeth build tartar quickly-- a nice cookie jar filled with biscuits and dog bones makes a nice gift. And don't forget perfume isn't just for Mom.

There are specially made and wonderful scents that keep that doggy odor off your pet for days at a time. For those on a budget, the no-name versions of your favorite scent work well, too. Perhaps a soft pillow bed (cedar filled ones help to ward off fleas) or a beautiful portrait of your gorgeously groomed canine for over the mantel.

Then there is always a cool feed bowl, but stay away from plastic ones as they can wear the black pigment off his nose. Ceramic or stainless steel seems to avoid noses from turning pink. The list is endless, but remember chocolates are great for the groomer -- deadly for the dog.

The worst gift to give at Christmas is a new puppy as a surprise. Most potential owners require much thought and consideration in regard to the right kind of dog to fit their household. SO, PLEASE think before you try to paint the Norman Rockwell puppy under your tree image.

Hope you all have the Happiest of Holidays and may the Peace of the Season fill your hearts.