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German shepherd Dog

The German shepherd is one of the most popular dog breeds, both because itís an easy to care for dog, and because theyíre highly visible dogs. German shepherds are commonly used as police dogs and guard dogs, though they were originally bred to be herding dogs (thus the name). The biggest reason for the popularity of the German shepherd is that this dog is intelligent, obedient and easy to train.

For this reason, the German shepherd is just as good as a family pet as it is as a guard dog. A German shepherd will learn whatever you teach it, so itís important to make sure that youíre training the dog well. If you train the German shepherd to be a gentle family pet, then thatís what you get. If you train the German shepherd to be highly protective of your home, then it will be.

Before buying a German shepherd, itís important to make sure that you will have enough room for the dog. While not as large as the St. Bernard or Newfoundland breeds, a German shepherd is still a fairly large dog. As a result, the German shepherd will need lots of room to run and get plenty of exercise, or it will become obese and be unhealthy. Itís also important to consider that German shepherds will shed during the spring.

While itís always very important to make sure that youíre getting your new puppy from a reputable breeder, itís even more important when considering a breed as popular as the German shepherd. There have been many instances in he past of people breeding German shepherds in puppy farms Ė places that focus on breeding as many puppies for sale as possible without paying a lot of attention to the health and hygiene of those puppies.

If you donít necessarily want to pay for a German shepherd, theyíre common enough that you should also be able to find one to adopt at a local animal shelter. While some Ďpound puppiesí have training issues, youíll be making up for it by knowing that you adopted a dog that may not have had a home if you hadnít.

No matter what kind of dog youíre looking for, a German shepherd will likely be a good choice, as they are friendly, intelligent and easily trained dogs.

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