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Cages and Fences for Dogs (Page 2)

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If youíre looking at buying dog cages, the most important thing to remember, of course, is to make sure that there will be enough room for your dog in the cage. While this is pretty obvious, I still feel a need to stress that before you buy any of the dog cages on the market, you should measure your dog, and make sure that the dog will fit in the cage with plenty of room to spare in every direction.

Most people buy dog cages as alternatives to the more common crates. The reason for this is that dog cages are by and large foldable. While this does mean that youíll have to set up the cage each time you put your dog in it, it also means that you donít have to worry about storage, as dog cages can generally be easily folded up and stored. Another advantage is that in most dog cages you can see your dog the entire time Ė which makes it easier to keep an eye on what itís doing... Continued on dog fences and cages page 3