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Dog Carriers

Dog carriers are an essential for the modern pet owner for when they transport they’re pet, to the vet or on holiday.

Modern dog carriers are normally molded plastic containers with round corners and a grill at one end, as well as ventilation holes all the way round.

Dog carriers can come in many sizes and shapes, and contain different features. Dog carriers designed for travel abroad on airplanes are normally larger than the usual and are wooden, temporary affairs, they may also contain water outlets as well as food supplies and plenty of insulation and ventilation.

Considering A Dog Carrier?

The most important thing is of course the comfort and safety of the dog, many dog carriers are made for smaller dogs, but those for larger dogs are much bigger, heavier and bulkier, making them a pain to transport, as well as increasing in cost.

There are also other factors to consider when choosing a dog carrier, one of them will no doubt be your vendor, will you choose a well known manufacturer with a good reputation for safety, or a cheaper version from abroad?

This really depends on how often you intend to use the dog carrier, if it is frequently then a higher dog carrier would be better and cheaper in the long run. If you will be using the dog carrier rarely however then a cheap version will suffice.

Size of Dog = Size of Carrier, leave enough space!

As mentioned previously, most dog carriers are made for small dogs, and finding them for large dogs can be a challenge, most authorities recommend that a dog is able to turn around in its dog carrier, this can be a major challenge for some dogs using normal dog carriers.

Don’t forget though, the most important things are the safety and comfort of your pet, not the price of the dog carrier. Take a look at some dog carriers here.