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Choosing Dog Collars & Leads

Go straight to the dog collars and leads shop

Welcome to our dog collars & leads section of the site! You're going to find some funky & fashionable collars, along with the more standard dog collars and strong dog collars too.

There is a very good selection of dog leads here as well, but you might need to get onto the correct page, as there are 14 pages full of dog leads and collars!!

Note for fitting your dog collar on your dog: Do ensure that when you fit your dogs' collar on him or her, that you can fit two fingers freely under the collar, that is a rough guide as to how tight it should be. Also, if you plan on getting a disc with your details on it (in case your dog is unfortunate enough to get lost), be sure to include both your phone (ideally more than one phone number) and address, that way if or when someone finds him they'll be able to contact you straight away!

Dog collars Guide

Dog collars are some of the most important items for dog owners to purchase. If you have a dog, a collar can keep it safe, and make it easier for you to keep your dog from getting lost. When buying dog collars, however, itís important to keep in mind that not all collars are the same. For this reason, you should pay attention to a few key features.

First, if you have a puppy or a young dog, you should take into account just how quickly that puppy will grow. Granted, most collars can be adjusted for sizes, but for puppies, you should buy dog collars that will fit the puppy at the smallest size. This way, you can be sure that there will be plenty of room for the puppy to grow. (With puppies this is especially important as otherwise they grow out of dog collars relatively quickly).

Itís usually a good idea to wait until your dog is fully grown before you start to look at designer dog collars. Usually these donít leave quite as much room for your dog to grow, and youíll have to buy a new one before itís worn out. However, if you do have a fully grown dog, there are far more types of dog collars that you can think about buying.

The second thing you need to consider is what type of dog collars will be best for your dog. While some dogs are fine with a regular canvas collar, you may consider flea-repellent dog collars for dogs that have flea problems. There are also many different dog collars to choose from if youíre not sure what you want for your dog yet.

While most people only buy tear-away collars for their cats, itís important to realize that you can also buy tear-away dog collars. These work great for smaller dogs, or dogs that might be getting into situations where a collar can get stuck. The tear-away collar is safer for your dog than a normal collar.

Also, if your dog is going to be outside during the night, you might want to look at brightly colored or glow in the dark dog collars. These will help keep your pet safe by making it more visible than it would be ordinarily. These are especially useful if you have a dog that is either black or some other dark color, as these dogs are difficult to see at night.

Dog collars are very useful, and besides keeping your dog safe, they are also useful for keeping dog tags. That way, if your dog ever gets lost, the person who finds it will be able to return your pet to you. If you have a dog, make sure to check out the many different useful and fun styles of dog collars today.