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Dog Halti Collar: No more Pulling!

-The no pull dog halti collar that can have great results-

This is a very short halti headcollar review, the halti head collar can, with training, become a gizmo you won't want to be without when you take your dog out for walkies!

Halti dog collars are a very effective alternative to a 'neck' dog collar for many reasons, mostly because it helps reduce pulling when on a dog who pulls on the lead be it for fun, to play with his friends, or just to drive you up the wall. ;-)

Mistakes often made by dog owners who want to stop their dog pulling often get a halti head collar and begin training it, which is all well and good, but the correct size halti is very important. The Halti can easily slip over the dogs muzzle and squash against your dogs' eyes, so the general rule is that a halti collar can be re-sized, much like a dog harness, and you should be able to do the same. Haltis come in 5 sizes and it's also advisable to get a halti link, as some dogs can "reverse" out of the head collar, the halti link is simply a link that's attached to the collar, just in case your dog manages to slip out of it!

Not only can these ingenious devices reduce pulling, they reduce potential neck injury in dogs who would otherwise wear a collar, this is because when you or your dog jerks or you stop abruptly this causes your dogs head to un-naturally pull upwards and can SERIOUSLY damage the upper spine. Also interesting to note that the knock-on effect proved by scientific research is dogs who suffered from spinal damage/neck damage also had more behaviour problems.