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Dog Houses

Dog houses unsurprisingly come in several shapes, styles, designs and prices! They can vary in price from £50 to £5,000 and can be traditional, modern or home made.

Dog houses are small shelters for a dog to sleep in during the night, they are often kept outside, although they may be brought in over the winter.

Many people choose to buy a Dog house for their beloved pet to keep them out the house. The reasons for this vary, but many dislike the “doggy” smell, not to mention the chaos, clutter and destruction a pro active dog can leave in its wake. Keep in mind that your dog insurance company will want to know if the dog is kept indoors or outside in a dog house.

Dog House example:

dog house Better insulation! Attractive Styling! Quality Construction! Easy assembly, beautiful design and 10 times the insulation of single wall dog houses! LIFETIME WARRANTY protects against cracking and breaking. Up to 10 times more insulation than single wall dog houses

Use Dog Houses to...

Dog houses are also used to preserve carpets when dogs molt, normally over winter, the amount of molting varies from breed to breed, but at its worse can mean that some carpets need hovering two or three times a day.

Dog houses can be bought or home made, either way, the goal of the Dog house is the same, to keep the dog warm, dry and safe.

Modern Dog Houses

To achieve this many modern dog houses are made out of plastic to ensure weather proofing, although home made ones are often made from wood, if you intend to build your own, an excellent wood to use is Plywood due to its strength and water resistance.

Some people have of course taken their Dog houses to extremes, it is possible to purchase a £5,000 luxury palace for your dog, complete with several rooms and four poster bed.

The majority of these dog houses are meant for small dogs and are not really practical for every day use.

Dog houses have been eliminated in many households and are not as popular as they once were, this may be due to social changes, and peoples willingness to accept a dog as a member of their family.

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