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Dog Flexi Leads

Flexi-Leads allow you to give your dog plenty of distance on walks without carrying a long lead that can get tangled up, dragged through the dirt and torn up.

When allowed to freely walk the cord retracts or releases as necessary so you never get a sagging lead. Using the brake button can stop your dog at any desired distance. With a full sixteen feet your dog can do his business with a little privacy or simply jog ahead when you lag behind.

We always take our flexi lead with us and use it for our large dog when out in a field or area where he might spot something worth running after (and getting into trouble!). He can still run with it on and knows when to stop when the lead runs out, most of the time! It's saved his skin on many occasion and what's most important is that we've got control and he's still content to roam around... it's worth its weight in gold in my opinion!

Dog Flexi Leads Available here