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Dog Food Guide

When looking for dog food for your dog it's important to strike a balance between your own budget and your dogs' nutritional needs for his unique lifestyle. A good quality (or premium) dog food can cost between 35-50 to purchase (in the UK).

One other thing to note is if you are trying a new food for your dog, and that is all dogs take different times to adjust to their new food (my dog for example would probably have runny stools if I swapped foods without doing it gradually!).

So what I do is I feed 3/4 old food, and 1/4 new food, then after a few days do 50/50, and gradually take out the old and replace with the new dog food over a period of a week or two. That said, some dogs can simply swap foods without any serious repercussions and if that's the case then try getting small packets of food from the ones you are most interested in.

Also, there are other factors involved in changing dog foods that take longer to see the effects in things like coat, joints, behaviour, energy, breath and more. So the rule of thumb is don't change foods too quickly and also wait long enough to see the (good) effects. Obviously you wouldn't want to continue feeding your dog something that's making him unwell, if you are unsure please do consult your veterinarian!!

Choose which dog food you're interested in from the list below to find out more...

Dog food review of labels on dog food