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Dog Ramps Review

Dog ramps are very useful for making sure that your dog is safe when being transported and that when leaping out of the car or walking out of a lake, the dog is safe and under control.

There is a series of dog ramps called Petstep which I shall concentrate on. The PetSTEP II pet ramp is 35" X 17" X 6" when folded. When unfolded, the ramp is 70" long.

Weighs just 18.5 pounds, but will hold 500 pounds of weight. Designed with a patented rubberised surface to eliminate slipping. The PetSTEP II pet ramp will not sink in water due to unique channelling using Nitrogen Gas infusion.

The Pet Step HalfSTEP II pet ramp is 39" long X 17" Wide X 3.5" High. The Pet Step HalfSTEP II pet ramp is ideal for side use of van/vehicle, couch or bed.

The Pet Step HalfSTEP II pet ramp is not long enough for the back of SUV/pickup. It Weighs 11.5 pounds and will hold up to 500 pounds of weight.

The Pet Step Pet Ramp Floatation Kit contains two eye-bolts, two extenders, four fiddle screws and two 20" inflatable buoys. This pet ramp enables your dog to walk from deep water onto your boat. This Pet Step Pet Ramp can also be used for swimming pool.

The Pet Step Pet Ramp Legs Kit contains four aircraft aluminium legs, twelve fiddle screws for easy installation. Ideal for pet grooming, utility table, picnic table, potting table, or any other use where a table is needed.

There is also the Pet Step carrying case bag which is constructed of high quality vinyl/nylon. The Pet Step carrying case bag has carrying handles, shoulder strap and leather luggage tag.

The Pet Step carrying case bags are a bit oversize for extra storage such as food, water and a place to store your Pet Step Pet Ramp Legs Kit.

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