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Jack Russell Terrier Pictures

Below are some pictures of Jack Russell Terriers sent in by loving Jack Russell Terrier owners and breeders:

Above: Paddy. What Paddy's owner says:

This is a picture of my Jack Russell Paddy. I got him when I worked in a vets and he came in with a broken leg at 5 months old. He had been thrown downstairs by a cairn terrier who had been the family pet for a few years and didn't like the new addition to the family. He is now 3 years old, full of energy and hates birds and the milk boys bringing the milk. He can jump on my kitchen worktops and will steal anything he can get his teeth on, especially important things like phones , remote controls, credit cards as he knows these articles get a good response from me. He will only trade what he has stolen for a piece of cheese. He loves swimming and chasing bullocks in the fields!

Below: Bungle at 8 weeks old and then all grown up or nearly!

Charlie below, is 4 months old in the picture and as his owner says "such a sweetie"!!

This is Lily (below 2 pictures). She is our beautiful 5 month old Jack Russell terrier from Omaha, Nebraska, USA:

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