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Travelling by Ferry with your Dog

Ferry companies will always require your dog to remain in your car for health and safety reasons, so you will need to make sure that your car is adequately ventilated and that your dog has adequate food and water to last for the duration of the journey.

It's a good idea to leave your car window open (use a car window ventilator to provide a larger opening without your dog escaping) and have a bowl of food and a bowl of water to keep your dog happy. Pet travel bowls provide a handy no-spill solution to carrying around food supplies for your pet along with all your other holiday essentials.

The car deck on a ferry is normally patrolled during the journey, let the staff know about your dog and ask them to check on its welfare. Alternatively, if you are on a slightly longer trip ask permission to go and check on your dog. This will help keep your dog calm, minimise any anxiety they may feel at being separated from you for a relatively long period of time, and allow you to top up food and water supplies as necessary.

If you are travelling as a foot passenger, the ferry company will most probably want your pet to be contained within an appropriate dog carrier or crate. These containers will have to be purpose made for your dog - a cardboard box will most definitely not do! If you don't already own a dog carrier, make sure you check with your ferry company about their requirements, and obtain a carrier that means your dog will travel comfortably with adequate food and water.

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