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Travelling by Aeroplane with your Dog

If you are flying to your holiday destination, your dog will probably have to travel in the hold. Some airlines do allow pets on board if they fit in a carrier that can be stowed under your seat, including soft dog carriers.

Check with your airline before you book to find out how your dog is likely to be travelling. If your pet has to travel in the hold, you will need to have a carrier that conforms to IATA regulations. These dog carriers have to be of substantial construction, i.e. made of plastic or wood, and they must be big enough for your dog to travel comfortably. If the airline feels that your container is too small or inadequately ventilated they will not allow your dog to travel. Check with the airline before you travel or your canine chum may end up staying at home after all!

Ensure your crate is the right size for your dog

It's relatively simple to make sure that you are buying a crate that will provide adequate travelling space for your dog. Measure the length of your dog from nose to tail, and your dog's height from the ground to the top of its head. Your dog must have adequate room to turn around, lie down, and stand up comfortably. The dog crate needs to be adequately ventilated and have water and food bowls attached that can be refilled from the outside.

To minimise anxiety during your dog's journey it's very important to familiarise them with the crate. Simply shoving them in on the day of your departure is likely to cause a distressing journey for both of you. Buy your carrier a few weeks before you leave and let your dog get familiar with it. Feeding your dog in the carrier for several days before you leave is also a great idea, and popping in your dog's own bedding and toys will help him feel right at home.

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